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Thursday, April 14, 2011

ZARA PEOPLE: Going for Social Media.

Zara has done it again: A revolution in fashion world. They mocked the traditional channels of advertising and branding,getting unprecedented success with the most unusual strategy!!


The Spanish fashion brand has created
Zara People, an international web where anyone can register and leave a picture wearing at least two Zara pieces. The company select some photos and post them on their web, those looks posted will received 300€.

I’ve been lately thinking that Zara has been acting with a certain “corporate arrogance” while H&M for example, has been doing a great job with the capsule fashion designer collections. But it’s clear that along with the world, Inditex is also changing their own corporate strategy. Not only selling fashion online, but also creating a great street style project to elevating and creating brand awareness.


Zara’s message has changed now, they pay for advertising!!!!!!!! But not big business, just small talents. A really smart strategy as I’m sure that they’ll get that investment back. All the winners will re-invest that money on their stores again.........

I feel like saying: Great job Amancio!

Miss Etoiles

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  1. Great post B!!!!!! love to read your point of view in the post!




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