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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Julia Sarr-Jamois STYLE

 London based Julia Sarr-Jamois is the 23 year old fashion editor for Wonderland magazine. She really knows how to mix it up with modern, vintage, and patterns. Every outfit she puts together is creative and beautiful…and I'm totally in love with her glasses!

“I’ve never really been into makeup. My hair is my statement, along with my clothes. I love prints and colors and texture. I like to have a bit of fun with what I’m wearing and not be too serious. I guess it’s the same with my hair. I do feel like London has this thing where you could be wearing a bag on your head and nobody really looks at you. Or maybe it’s that British people are just too polite to stare. The only thing I won’t wear with my hair is flared jeans. I love them, but that look is way too seventies-child.”(via Vogue)

Miss Étoiles

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