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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


On Monday March 11th, Corona invited a crew of surfers, shapers, musicians, artists and pals to the charming La Casa Artist Residency beach house, in Byron Bay, to get down with the first annual Corona Party Wave Invitational. It’s a one wave competition with no rules!
“We’ve got the heaviest surfers in the world duking it out for supremacy, the ultimate win or lose situation, so this is the antithesis of that, which is neat,” says Dave Rastovich, who entered. Donny Frankenreiter also rode the wave: “I haven’t surfed a contest in years,”he said. “This seems like the kind of format I’ve been looking for”.
Contest director Taylor Steele sums up the day: “The fun thing about this event was that it was one wave that created 20 unique stories that kept us talking about it all afternoon.”
Watch the video above, and check out the La Casa site, here.
Totally amazed with the project.
Miss Etoiles

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