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Friday, February 22, 2013

INCREDIBLE Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Burkard is a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine. His pulled-back images of wave riders in settings not typically associated with surfing—from the Russian Far East to Iceland, India, and Norway—are stunning land- and seascapes as much as they are documents of athletic accomplishment. Chris’ photos have been published in Outisde, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure, and leading surf magazines around the world; commercial clients include Patagonia, American Airlines, and Quiksilver. This December, Chris’ photos appeared in the book  The Plight of the Torpedo People“. (DAP), the complement to the Keith Malloy bodysurfing film Come Hell or Highwater. An intrepid world traveler, Chris makes his home on California’s Central Coast.

Gorgeous job Chris!!! Anxiously waiting for the next trip.

Miss √Čtoiles

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