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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AMBRA MEDDA-Design is a really funny world



"I think good design always feel relevant and beautiful. Sometimes it could be more about the functionality of it and sometimes more about the aesthetic of it. Design is a really funny world"

Personal style
"Very eclectic, I wear a lot of vintage clothes. I like to mix modern pieces with something very classic, or something structured with something very flowing. I'm not afraid of colours. I never wear a complete set of something. The idea of a Louis XV armchair, with a bookshelf by Charlotte Perriand, with a desk by Wendell Castle and a bed by Maarten Baas - thateclecticism is very much who I am.''

Her father is Austrian and her mother is from Sardegna (Giuliana Medda, the famous gallerist who, amongst other things, contributed to the international success of Pietro Fornasetti); her brother was born in London, her sister in Ethiopia, whereas she was born in Greece. always travelling, she learned about different cultures, and was raised between London, Milan, New york and Miami.

"I grew-up in the design world and my mother's a design dealer so I was familiar with the auction houses, galleries and collectors. I made a wish list of the best galleries, contacted them and the response was incredible. I was really quite shocked and very lucky they responded so positively from the start. "

In 2005, she founded (with Craig Robins, CEO and President of Dacra) and later directed Design Miami (in December) and DesignMiami/Basel (in June): "I was 23, I was very fresh about it and I did the best that I could. I felt honoured, and I feel still honoured, that I can contribute to the cultural fabric of the world I live in"

"Design Miami is a platform for people to come together and have an exchange of ideas and thoughts: the young artist, the media, the sponsors, the galleries. It is very rewarding: I feel we've done something that was necessary. Every 6 months we give the opportunity for new relationships."

"I take care of the galleries, I work with the sponsors, I manage the staff. I have a team of 6 women. I work with the communication department. I have a very holistic vision of the fair. I deal with everything, from the budget to the look'n'feel."

In 2005, she started Design Miami: Designer of the year: "Each year we commend a designer on their work so far, and on how they've changed the design landscape. We believe that we're rewarding people who are making design history. People who have effected design in a positive way."

Such an idol...

Miss Étoiles


  1. I think you are in the right way!! eheh

  2. An interesting data I did not add is that she was born in 1982!

    Thanks Lisbon Surf House.

    Miss Éotiles



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